Update from our bases.

SDC12053Selby:  Our warehouse space at Thorpe Willoughby near Selby in Yorkshire  is kindly donated by Campeys of Selby, our major sponsors, who have provided warehouse facilities and serviced our vehicles  for all the years we have operated.  It is from this base that all our convoys depart.  Loading days are usually six weeks apart and more frequent nearer the convoy departure date when team members travel, some over 100 miles each way, to load the trailers. The local team spend several hours each week collecting, receiving, packing and preparation of the aid.

Stockton on Tees:  Ouston Moor Farm is the home of team member Alan Wade who has provided space for aid stock and his own large vehicle for many convoys.  Already the large vehicle is two thirds loaded for April and now the target will be to select the most suitable aid to complete the load. Alan and Vera Wade host children from Belarus each year as members of the charity Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline.

Buxton in Derbyshire:  Dave and Barbara Cox collect and prepare aid with their local team at their home at Nab End Farm Longnor. Both have been to Belarus on several occasions. They have hosted children from Belarus at their home each year during the summer for the charity CCP (UK).  Already this team has over 400 boxes of superb aid ready for collection and delivery to Selby prior for loading.