Sunday Loading 1st March 2015

IMG_1117Aid team members numbering sixteen arrived at 9.30 on Sunday morning to commence the loading of a 44ft trailer. They had journeyed from Staffordshire, Stockton on Tees and Catterick, Lancashire, North Leeds and local.  The weather held allowing us to remove over 20 pallets of aid stored on the vehicle and then to commence the task of loading almost seven tonnes of aid by hand.  We load to fill the cube using every bit of space available  – a long job and hard work but by 2pm we had the vehicle two thirds full and it was time for home.  It was a great effort and a great day but very similar to previous experiences when this team of volunteers get together. The job will be completed in the next two weeks.

Meanwhile in Stockton on Tees the local team there  completed the loading of the huge box van that will take over 8 tonnes of aid to Lapichi, a village south east of the capital Minsk in Belarus. This is a new destination for Chernobyl Aid UK  and we look forward to meeting the locals there.