Planning for Convoy – March 2018

In October 2017 two vehicles made the journey across Europe to the town of Stolin in the Pinsk area of Belarus. This was our third and last convoy of the year. Both vehicles were carrying a range of aid to an organisation for young disabled adults.  This organisation is operated  by a committee of which half are disabled themselves, This organisation distributed our aid to several other similar organisations so our aid benefited many children and adults across the Stolin region. Our team of four drivers visited a school and villages, taking in meetings with organisations that had previously had aid from us and others that were hoping that they would  be included in future deliveries. In December just gone, we received several letters of thanks with reports of where our aid had been distributed and they hope to receive more and we plan to make another delivery to Stolin later in 2018.


The current action of the charity in early 2018 is to plan our next convoy. The date will be late March /early April when three trucks and a team of six will take over 25 tons of aid. We have the aid and more to collect, we have the vehicles and the team but funds are limited and despite the super fund raising activities of our supporters and several very generous personal donations we will struggle to fulfill the convoy programme this year.

One of the vehicles will deliver to an organisation for those with impaired sight and the blind. in the small town of Ivatsevichi in the Pinsk area. Among the wide range of aid that includes walking aids, wheelchairs, clothes and footwear etc. are new reading glasses for children and adults kindly prepared and supplied by White Rose Optics of Wakefield. Yorkshire.

A second vehicle will travel north east in Belarus to the town of Rogachev where the aid will be received by an  association of families with disabled children and young adults. The load will contain incontinent pads which will be passed on to institutions for the mental and physical adults.

The third vehicle will have a load in excess of 12 tons to be delivered to the town of Gomel some 300 miles east across Belarus just 30 miles from the border with mother Russia. There will be two receivers on this large trailer. Firstly to the Gomel regional education department that supports many village schools, kindergartens and poor families.  The second receiver is to be the Gomel Association for those with Diabetes, An association of over 750. Gomel, just 100 miles north of Chernobyl has the highest incidence of diabetes in Belarus.

With the volume of aid available to us we are already planning further convoys with May 2018 next in the frame.

  • We are proud that all our members and officials are unpaid volunteers – we have no paid staff and our aid teams on convoys meet their own expenses for food and accommodation.

If you could help with a donation please do.  Most of the people in Belarus live in poor circumstances with the many disabled struggling and with very little state help their families struggle too.  We hope to continue to support them.

Cheques to: Chernobyl Aid UK  

Chernobyl Aid UK, The Wickets, Chapel Street, Hillam, LS25 5HP or email for more information

Mike Allison  February 2018