• Chernobyl 2000 deliver the goods.

    By Mike Allison on Mon, 02nd March 2015

    IMG_1113Mid day last Saturday  Mike and Steve Worton accompanied by Bobby, Mike’s grandson, arrived at our Thorpe Willoughby, Selby warehouse with well over a tonne of aid superbly packed, labelled and weighed. This aid was  ready for loading onto the big trailer the following day.  Mike presented us with a cheque for £500 towards the considerable cost of convoy which was a great contribution and well received.  Over a sandwich and coffee the discussion ranged from past experiences and eventually all agreed that we should be considering  how both charities could work in the future in the best interest of the people of Belarus.  It was good to discuss with people who share our enthusiasm.

  • Aid collection from the team at Buxton

    By Mike Allison on Tue, 24th February 2015

    IMG_1095Today with Bryan Selkirk, Alan and Margaret Miles we made a collection of aid from Longnor near Buxton in Derbyshire.  The collection was from the premises of David and Barbara Cox who with their local team had prepared over 2.5 tonnes – a full load for our small truck. The aid was of a wide range of high quality, superbly packed and fully manifested ready to be loaded directly onto a large trailer at our main warehouse in Yorkshire on Sunday.  Arriving at 11.15 am we were loaded within 40 minutes and we retired indoors to their lovely home where we sat down to a splendid lunch that lasted over two hours. Those who have collected aid previously from Longnor will remember well Barbara and David’s hospitality, their superb lunches and the fruit salad that remains legend among the aid team. IMG_1103 We had a long discussion about our task and our experiences and our thanks go to the Longnor team for their brilliant support.  We will return in two weeks to collect another 2.5 tonnes for the April Convoy.

  • Support from Chernobyl 2000

    By Mike Allison on Wed, 18th February 2015

    The members of the charity Chernobyl 2000 based in the Vale of Evesham have taken aid to Belarus on their own account since 2000. They have also hosted children from the contaminated areas in Belarus in their homes in UK for four weeks, during the summer months. over those years.

    Having ceased their own aid deliveries Mike Worton and his team have thrown their weight behind our charity and are collecting and preparing aid that they will bring to Selby for loading on Saturday 28th February for delivery to Belarus on our vehicles.

    Many thanks Chernobyl 2000.

  • Loading Day at Selby 1st March 2015

    By Mike Allison on Wed, 18th February 2015

    We need to load the large trailer on Sunday morning 1st March at Selby – 9.30 am til about 1 pm. Aid will have been collected on the smaller truck from our team in Buxton in Derbyshire during that week and it is important to complete the loading to allow manifests to be produced and sent to the receivers in Belarus.  Usual super refreshments will be available so it would be good to see the aid team in strength on the day.

    Alan Wade and his Stockton on Tees team are continuing to load this week. Their large box van, rated to carry 8 tonnes is almost complete and their aid is destined for two deliveries in and around the town of Brabruisk in the Mogilov  region of Belarus.



  • Children’s Glasses

    By Mike Allison on Tue, 10th February 2015

    White Rose Optical of Wakefield are making a donation of 300 pairs of children’s glasses . Each pair is in its own case and has the prescription marked clearly on the outside. The lenses are all new  and a free donation from Jai Kudo Lenses.  The staff at the White Rose Opticians  are giving their spare time to fit the lenses to each individual set of frames and they then include with each completed pair of glasses a cleaning cloth.

    Chernobyl Aid UK will source suitable schools and institutions in Belarus which cater for children with impaired vision and deliver the glasses on our next convoy due to leave UK in late March 2015.

    “This gift will make a tremendous difference to the lives of children in Belarus who have poor eyesight  and in most cases have to managed either with unsuitable glasses or non at all.”  

    Mike Allison.