How it all happenned


The Aid Team 1999 to date.

For over 15 years the Aid Team has worked with the charity Chernobyl Children’s Project UK, (CCP (UK) delivering a wide range of aid to support the sick and disabled children and adults in Belarus.

This entailed making over 50 convoys and over 1500 tonnes of aid.   In the summer of 2013 the charity, CCP (UK), intimated that they needed to channel all their resources to their projects in Belarus.   These projects include homes for disabled children, support for children’s hospices, fostering programmes and a major training initiative for those that cater for the sick and disadvantaged.

Our Aid Team made the decision to seek funding through sponsorship and events to prepare for a final CCP (UK) convoy in April 2014 when six vehicles and a team of 12 made the journey to the city of Gomel in the east of Belarus to make the delivery.

Two months later twenty one members of the Aid Team met in Selby to discuss what, if any, future activity we should undertake.  Do we disband or do we form our own independent charity?

June 2014 21 Aid team members voted unanimously to form a new charity
June 2014 Trustees, Chair, Treasurer and wider committee formed.  Constitution agreed and signed.
June to date During this period the work of aid collection and fund raising continued unabated towards our planned large convoy for April 2015.
July 4th 2014 Initial registration application forwarded to the Charity Commission.
November 10th 2014 Registration confirmed: We are Chernobyl Aid UK reg. No. 1159179.
November 28th 2014 Our first vehicle leaves for Belarus with 11 tonnes of aid on a 12 day round journey
January 2015 Launch of our Website, Information leaflets, Facebook page and Twitter account
February 8th 2015 Our official ‘Launch Day’ of the new charity.  Invitations have been sent to sponsors, suppliers of aid, the media, local councillors and Aid Team members
April 2015 A four vehicle convoy will leave for Belarus