Almost ready for convoy

With 29th March fast approaching we enter the final phase of preparation for the departure on convoy to Belarus.  Collections of much needed quality aid were made this week firstly from Nottingham were Whittle Program Painting provided over 160 tins of trade paint of all colours. Whittle have generously supplied us previously and their paint is much desired by the schools, institutions and family homes in Belarus and we receive regular requests once they, the receivers in Belarus, know that a convoy is planned.

On Tuesday it was another journey to Longnor in Staffordshire just over the Derbyshire border near Buxton again to the home of Barbara and David Cox where they and their team were preparing for our arrival.  The aid was ready to load and the paperwork complete which meant that this smaller truck was now complete and its next journey would be to Belarus as part of the convoy.

APC Clothing from Tadcaster in Yorkshire, a very regular provider to us of new surplus children’s clothing called to offer a collection and we made this on Thursday. Some 17 boxes of a mixture of school clothing, uniforms and sports kit that will very welcome to so many schools and families.

So today  22 March the convoy team met at our Yorkshire base to load one of the smaller vans and further load the large trailer.  The usual excitement prior to convoy was very evident with many questions of where, when, and what ifs among the agenda.

Hopefully by early next week we will be able to finalise all the documentation, confirm the receivers, book the ferry etc.  More next week.