What We Do

We deliver aid to those who need it most.

Aid is any item that will help needy families, schools and institutes to improve the lives of adults, children and families in Belarus, particularly those who are disabled.

Where do we get aid?


We receive aid from companies and individuals who are kind enough to donate surplus goods and things they no longer need. Much of the aid we collect is new and of great quality, like equipment for disabled people, learning resources for schools and furniture for houses – all desperately needed and so gratefully received.

For families living in poverty with disabled children, washing and cleaning materials, vitamins and hygiene products are absolutely essential. Adults who walk miles every day to get to work are given bicycles to ease their journeys. And modern computers not only make admin easier for institutions, but also provide great learning opportunities for children.

How do we distribute aid?

We work very closely with organisations in Belarus to coordinate welfare for poor families and those with disabled children. These are a mix of government and charitable companies, but are all working hard to get aid to the right people.

The Chernobyl Aid UK team is dedicated to delivering aid where it’s needed most. As well as our brilliant people here in the UK, we have a team of English-speaking Belarusians who organise our activities and join us on convoy to help control aid deliveries in Belarus. All these people are volunteers and give up their time freely.

How do we do it?

Campey 1

Delivering aid to Belarus is no easy job… but we love it! We use large vehicles kindly supplied by our major sponsor Campeys of Selby and Alan Wade of Stockton on Tees. Our professionally qualified drivers are volunteers. We rely on the generosity of transport companies to supply additional vehicles to support our journeys.

Our team spend many hours loading our vehicles at warehouses in Selby, Buxton and Stockon-on-Tees making sure everything is packed to perfection and ready to pass through customs. We begin our journey by ferry from Hull to Rotterdam, then travel some 1,500 miles by road across Holland, Germany, Poland and Belarus before reaching our first destination.

Fast facts

  • We’ve delivered over 1,500 tonnes of essential aid to Belarus
  • We clock over 3,000 miles on each convoy trip
  • We travel through 5 countries to get to Belarus